Catchy Business Slogans & Taglines

  1. “Just Do It”
  2. “Think Different”
  3. “Shave Time. Shave Money”
  4. “Because You’re Worth It”
  5. “Got Milk?”
  6. “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.”
  7. “Designed for Driving Pleasure”
  8. “Every Little Helps”
  9. “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands”
  10. “The Quicker Picker Upper”
  11. “A Diamond is Forever”
  12. “Betcha Can’t Eat Just One”
  13. “Advancement Through Technology”
  14. “America Runs on Dunkin”
  15. “Tastes So Good, Cats Ask for It By Name”
  16. “I’m Lovin’ It”
  17. “All the News That’s Fit to Print”
  18. “Imagination at Work”
  19. “Can You Hear Me Now?”
  20. “Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There”
  21. “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.”
  22. “The Few. The Proud. The Marines”

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LG electronics: Innovation for a Better Life
LG Display: You Dream, We Display
Samsung Display Solutions: Your Future. On Display
NEC: Orchestrating a brighter world
Panasonic : Ideas for Life

The World’s Top 100 Airports in 2017

The World’s Top 100 Airports – 2017

 2017 Rating 2016 Rating
1 Singapore Changi 1
2 Tokyo Intl Haneda 4
3 Incheon Intl Airport 2
4 Munich Airport 3
5 Hong Kong Intl Airport 5
6 Hamad Intl Airport 10
7 Centrair Nagoya 6
8 Zurich Airport 7
9 Heathrow Airport 8
10 Frankfurt Airport 12
11 Amsterdam Schiphol 13
12 Kansai Intl Airport 9
13 Vancouver Airport 14
14 Narita Airport 11
15 Copenhagen Airport 18
16 Brisbane Airport 17
17 Helsinki Airport 15
18 Shanghai Hongqiao 34
19 Cape Town Airport 22
20 Dubai Airport 2


5 uses for digital signage kiosks in airports

1. Wayfinding and navigation

2. Hotel, food and entertainment information

3. Lost and found

4. Advertisements and promotion

5. Security warnings

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2018 Worldwide Cruise Line Market Share

The 2018 total worldwide ocean cruise industry is estimated at $45.6 billion (a 4.6% increase over 2017) with 26.0 million annualized passengers carried (a 3.3% increase over 2017).  Brand diversification of all operations is summarized below.

2012 World Wide Cruise Ship Passenger Capacity

Carnival boasts largest market share of cruise passengers

Carnival Corporation is the largest with a market share of cruise passengers at ~47%, followed by Royal Caribbean at ~23% and Norwegian at ~10%. However, Carnival’s competitive advantage is due to scale. It operates a fleet of 101 ships, which is more than double the 41 ships operated by Royal Caribbean, its closest competitor.


[IT Glossary] BMT, POC, Pilot

BMT(Bench Marking Test)
– 특정 프로젝트에서 보통 제품을 선정할때 실시하는 성능테스트.

POC (Proof Of Concept)
– 아직 시장에 나오지 않은 신기술을 프로젝트에 도입하기에 앞서 사전 검증하기 위한 목적으로 사용.

– 이미 검증된 기술을 가지고, 대규모 프로젝트 진행에 앞서 진행해보는 시험 프로젝트.

[Jiho] Daddy’s diary – running MAC OS on Windows 10 and… Cocos2d-x, X-code

When he was 4th grade birthday, He got the Windows based Laptop. It was his choice, because he was interested in Kali Linux and Hacking network things that time.

Now, His interesting moved to build gaming. Today my 4th grade son borrowed Cocos2d-x and Unity book from school’s library, but He said most of instructions based on Mac os.

He regret immensely What he’s done and was trying to install Mac os on the Virtual Machine environment. You know it takes long time to install and even your daddy don’t know how to do it. I said to Jiho several times, “I’ll buy New Mac, if you finish this book, don’t waste your time anymore Jiho”

… but He installed Mac OS on VM ware.

Running MAC OS on Virtual Machine, Windows 10, LG Labtop 


It is getting confused How I going to be lead him. Should respect his thought and trying to be a friend not pretended as a adult daddy…


[Marketing Glossary] Opt-in..Opt-out..옵트인..옵트아웃

– 사전에 수신자의 동의를 얻어야만 광고성 email(전화/Fax 등)을 보낼 수 있는 방식 – 유럽 /한국 사용방식 (2017년 기준)

– mail을 받은 후에 거부의사를 밝힐 수 있는 방식 (email을 고객이 받고 거부하지 않으면 허락한 것으로 간주해 계속 발송 할 수있음) -미국/일본/스웨덴/
– 웹사이트에 남긴 개인정보 = 사전에 동의한 것으로 간주
– 메일을 받고도 아무것도 안하면 계정이 자동으로 휴면처리