[Jiho] Daddy’s diary – running MAC OS on Windows 10 and… Cocos2d-x, X-code

When he was 4th grade birthday, He got the Windows based Laptop. It was his choice, because he was interested in Kali Linux and Hacking network things that time.

Now, His interesting moved to build gaming. Today my 4th grade son borrowed Cocos2d-x and Unity book from school’s library, but He said most of instructions based on Mac os.

He regret immensely What he’s done and was trying to install Mac os on the Virtual Machine environment. You know it takes long time to install and even your daddy don’t know how to do it. I said to Jiho several times, “I’ll buy New Mac, if you finish this book, don’t waste your time anymore Jiho”

… but He installed Mac OS on VM ware.

Running MAC OS on Virtual Machine, Windows 10, LG Labtop 


It is getting confused How I going to be lead him. Should respect his thought and trying to be a friend not pretended as a adult daddy…


[Marketing Glossary] Opt-in..Opt-out..옵트인..옵트아웃

– 사전에 수신자의 동의를 얻어야만 광고성 email(전화/Fax 등)을 보낼 수 있는 방식 – 유럽 /한국 사용방식 (2017년 기준)

– mail을 받은 후에 거부의사를 밝힐 수 있는 방식 (email을 고객이 받고 거부하지 않으면 허락한 것으로 간주해 계속 발송 할 수있음) -미국/일본/스웨덴/
– 웹사이트에 남긴 개인정보 = 사전에 동의한 것으로 간주
– 메일을 받고도 아무것도 안하면 계정이 자동으로 휴면처리

[Tech in Marketing] Digital Signage -Quick Service Restaurant Industry case study

Outdoor Digital Signage Lights Up Quick Service Restaurant Industry

source -PUBLISHED BY Ron Gazzola

Outdoor digital signage offers many ways to improve the customer experience in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry, far beyond enhancing the way digital displays look in the drive-thru lane.

Super-bright, reliable outdoor digital signage displays are replacing static, back-lit posters and menu boards, and it’s the smart, real-time content running on those screens that’s changing the business for QSR industry operators and their customers. Messaging delivered to the screens, which motorists see as they stop and go along drive-thru lanes, is being customized. Car by car and SUV by SUV, it optimizes inventories and speeds up the process while increasing order sizes. As a result of this improved customer experience, the QSR industry is seeing real financial benefits from implementing these digital displays.

The Rise of Outdoor Digital Boards

We’ve seen a big uptick in both interest and rollouts for sunlight-readable, weatherproofed outdoor digital signage displays, because QSR operators now have the experience, insights and tools to optimize sales out of those drive-thru lanes. That’s a big deal, because some QSR operators see as much as 70 percent of their sales from people who never walk in the store.

What’s going outside with drive-thrus is playing off what’s already happened inside many regional and national QSR chains. Backlit, printed plastic menu posters have been replaced by digital displays that are brighter, offer eye-catching motion graphics and can be automated or changed dynamically with a few keystrokes.

QSRs rarely talk about their metrics, but the wholesale switch-out of print to digital across much of the industry suggests a strong business case exists.

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[일상] 대체 불가능한 존재가 되는 방법

  • 남들이 좀처럼 할 수 없는 일을 하라.
  • 당신이 하고자 하는 영역에서 그 일을 가장 탁월한 수준으로 하라.

… 진짜 최고가 되려면 아직 멀었다… 나 만의 대체 불가능한 요소, 자신만의 탁월함은 무엇인가?

당신이 직장인이라면, 헤드헌터에게 이력서를 주고 시장에 대한 나의 평가를 기다려 보라. 시장에 스스로의 가치를 내던져 보면, 지금 당신의 위치를 정확히 알 수 있고, 지금 뭘 더 준비해야하는지를 알 수 있다.