‘If you would be loved, love’

Casanova, 18th-century Italian adventurer best known for his legendary womanizing. More than 100 female and about 30 years, He had been female psychologist and the best communicator.

He was, by vocation and avocation, a lawyer, clergyman, military officer, violinist, con man, pimp, gourmand, dancer, businessman, diplomat, spy, politician, medic, mathematician, social philosopher, and etc… He prepared well and was the best data scientist. Do you well prepared and ready to know everything about her? ‘I have always loved truth so passionately that…’

Digital Marketer have to know (her)Persona and Client Journey(for understand her). Lead Conversion Rate are more than twice with personalized contents and Inbound approach. It is all comes from Customer-Centric, Human-Centered…, means start from empathy.


* source: Customer experience: Creating value through transforming customer journeys. http://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/marketing-and-sales/our-insights/customer-experience-creating-value-through-transforming-customer-journeys

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