[Tech in Marketing] Digital Signage

Digital Signage(디지털 사이니지) is convergence technology with Contents + Display + Network + Platform(CDNP).

2018 focasting

Korea market: 총3조원시장 중 Display시장 2.09조원

World market: 총 24조원시장 중 Display시장 8.8조원

Digital Signage Market forcasting

활용가능분야: 기업/공공, 금융, 교육, 건설, 소매/요식(마트, 카페, 백화점, 의류, 자동차), 물류/운성, 의료, 숙박 등.

LG Information Display business

English: http://www.lg.com/us/business/commercial-display

Korean: http://www.lge.co.kr/kr/business/product/display#GNB

  • LG product– Digital signage: Video wall (47′, 49′ 55′), Special/Single– OLED signage: Flat (55′), Curved (55′ 65′), Wallpaper(55′)

    – LED signage: Indoor/Outdoor

  • Samsung product– Smart signage: Single, outdoor, video wal– Smart LED signage: indoor

SAMSUNG digital signage solution

English: http://www.samsung.com/us/business/digital-signage-solutions/

Korean: http://www.samsung.com/sec/business/solutions/display-solution/display-solution

Intel Digital signage


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