When he was 4th grade birthday, He got the Windows based Laptop. It was his choice, because he was interested in Kali Linux and Hacking network things that time.

Now, His interesting moved to build gaming. Today my 4th grade son borrowed Cocos2d-x and Unity book from school’s library, but He said most of instructions based on Mac os.

He regret immensely What he’s done and was trying to install Mac os on the Virtual Machine environment. You know it takes long time to install and even your daddy don’t know how to do it. I said to Jiho several times, “I’ll buy New Mac, if you finish this book, don’t waste your time anymore Jiho”

… but He installed Mac OS on VM ware.

Running MAC OS on Virtual Machine, Windows 10, LG gram

It is getting confused How I going to be lead him. Should respect his thought and trying to be a friend not pretended as a adult daddy…

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