B2C Marketing 담당자는 Awareness, Engagement등의 KPI의 수치를 달성하고
박수를 친후 다음 Campaign을 즐거운 마음으로 시작할 수 있지만, 반면 B2B Marketing 담당자는 Web traffic volume, eDM open rate, Lead volume? 보다 Lead quality와 Pipeline impact의 결과에 더 focus 해야한다고 봅니다 -그렇기 때문에 Data Driven approach가 B2B Marketing에선 더 중요하다고 할 수 있겠습니다.

Metrics for B2B marketing success

Your boss never understood meaning of high traffic of website, eDM open rate and social reach number. It is important, but so What for actual $? Are you still satisfied with lead volume result? You should concerned and improved lead quality, pipeline impact.

  • Marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and sales accepted leads (SALs).
  • Pipeline leads influenced.
  • Target accounts engaged.

Marketing KPIs that demonstrate business impact

  • Demonstration Account penetration 
    New stakeholders reached in target accounts (additional reach)
    – Contents marketing, ABM(Account Based Marketing) Campaigns, media buying, Social meidia, Linkedin AD
    New touch points with existing contacts (additional engagement).
    – Find and engage the right people at the right companies.
    – Search ADs and lead nurture campaigns.
  • Contribute to Pipeline velocity
    Improve initial lead quality.
    – Based on feedback from sales, marketers can improve targeting, qualification and conversion. This is reason why marketers and sales teams has to collaborate well.
    Do Retargeting and lead nurture programs and provide more in-depth assets such as case studies and product/service comparisons.
    Work directly with sales to track pipeline velocity. This allows marketers to understand conversion challenges and create programs specifically designed to accelerate slow transition points.
  • Marketing program also influence Deal size.


Compelling stories

Find “compelling stories” in your data. Can you identify a positive correlation between marketing programs and pipeline velocity or deal size? Your marketing success story might go something like this:

Prospects who attended the ABC Webinar moved through the pipeline 7 percent faster than those we didn’t and ended up with a deal size (contract value) 10 percent higher than average.


Savvy marketers know there is no silver bullet, no single best way to measure how each channel contributes. This is especially true for B2B companies with long, complex sales cycles.

There has no one attribution model as a standard (first touch, last-touch, multitouch, time decay and so on). Analyze/compare results using various attribution methods  – could understand customers behavior and enable you to better communicate the overall impact of your efforts.

Bottom line

Successful B2B digital marketing programs are guided by a few insightful KPIs that demonstrate accountability and illustrate the direct impact on bottom-line business results.

Old-school metrics (like impressions, clicks and conversions) are still very important for optimization purposes, but today’s marketers must focus on KPIs that prove how marketing programs contribute positively to desirable business outcomes such as account penetration, pipeline velocity and deal size.

source from – https://marketingland.com/b2b-marketers-must-prove-contribution-to-revenue-241964

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