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What is the SSAT?

미국 대학을 갈때 SAT시험을 보듯, 미 사립 초등, 중등, 고등학교를 입학하고자 할때 보는 시험이 SSAT이다.

The SSAT, or Secondary Schools Admission Test, is a test of reasoning, language, math and writing skills which is used to help determine admission to private elementary, middle and high schools.

It is designed for students in 3rd-11th grade, and administered at different levels:

  • Elementary Level, for students in 3rd and 4th grade;
  • Middle Level, for students in 5th-7th grade;
  • Upper Level, for students in 8th-11th grade.

How long is the SSAT?

The duration of the SSAT depends on which level of the test you are taking.

If you are taking the Elementary Level test, the test will take 110 minutes, or about two hours:

  • Quantitative (Math) section: 30 questions, 30 minutes.
  • Verbal section: 30 questions, 20 minutes.
  • 15 minute break: During this time you may have a snack, or leave the classroom to stretch your legs or take a bathroom break.
  • Reading section: 7 short passages, 28 questions, 30 minutes.
  • Writing sample: 1 picture prompt will be provided. You will have 15 minutes to write a short passage.

If you are taking the Middle or Upper Level tests, the test will take 170 minutes, or about three hours:

  • Writing sample: 2 prompts will be provided. You will have 25 minutes to select one prompt, and write a passage.
  • 5 minute break.
  • First Quantitative (math) section: 25 questions, 30 minutes.
  • Reading section: 40 questions, 40 minutes.
  • 10 minute break.
  • Verbal section: 60 questions, 30 minutes.
  • Second Quantitative (Math) section: 25 questions, 30 minutes.

Students with diagnosed learning disabilities may apply for additional time, or other accommodations.


How is the SSAT scored?

You will receive three types of scores on your score report: a raw score, a scaled score, and a percentile ranking.

Raw scores are determined by counting the number of incorrect answers and correct answers. Correct answers are worth one point each, and one quarter point is deducted for each incorrect answer. No points are deducted for failing to answer a question, and all questions have the same point value.

Scaled scores are derived from the raw scores. Different scales are used for the different levels of the test:

students taking the SSAT Elementary Level test will receive a score on a scale of 900 to 1800 (300 to 600 per section),

students taking the SSAT Middle Level test will receive a score on a scale of 1320 to 2130 (440 to 710 per section),

and students taking the upper level test will receive a score on a scale of 1500 and 2400 (500 to 800 per section).

The percentile ranking represents how well you did compared to other students of the same grade and gender who have taken the SSAT in the past three years. Your rank will be between 1% and 99%, and indicates the percentage of students with a lower or equal score to your own. For example: if you receive a percentile score of 75%, that would mean that you did as well as or better than 75% of students of your grade and gender who took the test in the past three years.

How are SSATs developed?

SSATs are developed by the combined efforts of high school and college teachers, and test specialists who write SSAT test questions. There is an extensive process for developing new editions of the SSAT, involving deep review and analysis of the questions themselves, as well as analysis of results from actual students taking the test. In the 2012-13 SSAT, this will include an unscored experimental section on the test to broadly evaluate new questions. The questions that pass this rigorous analysis become accepted into a pool of questions from which new editions of SSAT tests are constructed. Careful measures are taken to also eliminate any material that reflect stereotype, bias or other inappropriate nuances that may negatively affect test-takers.


SSAT Administration

When and where can I take the SSAT?

There are eight standard test dates for each academic year. You can view the standard test dates on the SSAT board’s Test Dates and Deadlines Calendar.

Note that while standard test dates are on Saturdays, Sunday testing is available for students who observe a Saturday Sabbath.

To find testing locations for standard test dates, the SSATB provides search tools. You can also view testing locations in a list format.

For Sunday test dates, you may view a list of testing centers list format.

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