[Tech in Marketing] Digital Signage -Quick Service Restaurant Industry case study

Outdoor Digital Signage Lights Up Quick Service Restaurant Industry

source -PUBLISHED BY Ron Gazzola

Outdoor digital signage offers many ways to improve the customer experience in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry, far beyond enhancing the way digital displays look in the drive-thru lane.

Super-bright, reliable outdoor digital signage displays are replacing static, back-lit posters and menu boards, and it’s the smart, real-time content running on those screens that’s changing the business for QSR industry operators and their customers. Messaging delivered to the screens, which motorists see as they stop and go along drive-thru lanes, is being customized. Car by car and SUV by SUV, it optimizes inventories and speeds up the process while increasing order sizes. As a result of this improved customer experience, the QSR industry is seeing real financial benefits from implementing these digital displays.

The Rise of Outdoor Digital Boards

We’ve seen a big uptick in both interest and rollouts for sunlight-readable, weatherproofed outdoor digital signage displays, because QSR operators now have the experience, insights and tools to optimize sales out of those drive-thru lanes. That’s a big deal, because some QSR operators see as much as 70 percent of their sales from people who never walk in the store.

What’s going outside with drive-thrus is playing off what’s already happened inside many regional and national QSR chains. Backlit, printed plastic menu posters have been replaced by digital displays that are brighter, offer eye-catching motion graphics and can be automated or changed dynamically with a few keystrokes.

QSRs rarely talk about their metrics, but the wholesale switch-out of print to digital across much of the industry suggests a strong business case exists.

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Digital measurement terms: CPC, CPM, CTR

Digital is every where and it makes us crazy with new Tech, AD and measurement terms. I here by summarized principle measurement terms like CPC, CPM, CTR.

CPC(Cost Per Click) / PPC(Pay Per Click): get paid for each click. Click on Advertising.

  • eg. CPC is used with email AD, Display AD or Search Keyword
  • eg. PPC is used with Google AD platform

CPM(Cost Per Mile): Cost per Thousand Impression

  • Pay for every 1,000 impressions.
  • Even customers are not clicks AD, get paid for every 1,000 times
  • eg. Per impression cost = CPM rate($)/1,000

CTR(Click Through Rate): Number of customers clicked

  • eg. CTR rate(%) = (Clicks/Impressions)x100 … if a keyword showed 1,000 times and 10 customers clicked that keyword, CTR rate(%) = (10/1,000)x100=1%

Digital Casanova, customer-centric

‘If you would be loved, love’

Casanova, 18th-century Italian adventurer best known for his legendary womanizing. More than 100 female and about 30 years, He had been female psychologist and the best communicator.

He was, by vocation and avocation, a lawyer, clergyman, military officer, violinist, con man, pimp, gourmand, dancer, businessman, diplomat, spy, politician, medic, mathematician, social philosopher, and etc… He prepared well and was the best data scientist. Do you well prepared and ready to know everything about her? ‘I have always loved truth so passionately that…’

Digital Marketer have to know (her)Persona and Client Journey(for understand her). Lead Conversion Rate are more than twice with personalized contents and Inbound approach. It is all comes from Customer-Centric, Human-Centered…, means start from empathy.


* source: Customer experience: Creating value through transforming customer journeys. http://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/marketing-and-sales/our-insights/customer-experience-creating-value-through-transforming-customer-journeys

Influencer engagement

This article is about my personal influencer engagement experience.

Try to be honest, friendly and show passion, love, thought leadership, When we communicate with super hero.
And then… they will be your friends. Don’t just send one-side white paper, video link, etc… for your business purpose.

1. We are human and have a life. Ask their expertise tips and like, share it.
I have several super hero friends-at least I think…. One day one of my favorite super hero posted ‘Help programming App. for Kids’, I asked more App. for my son’s programming. That was the starting point of connection with him and I also have a chance to meet other hero because of topic of  ‘Tasty Beef place’ at Gangnam in Seoul. I like beer, BBQ and want to enjoy Friday night and of course him either.

Liked, share his stories, and then…. Oh~ He is curious about you and your stories or business? But don’t be disappointed even thought lots of communications with them, because they are super hero and  busy to save the world.

2. You needs your friends at least one…
Once we are connected with one hero, it is easier to connect with others, because most of heroes are friends. If you are connected with some areas expert or influencers, you can easily meets another new influencers. For example, if you connect with Hulk,  his friends are Iron Man, Captain America and then Iron Man’s friend is Thor….now you are able to connect with Thor!!