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Digital Signage, 디지털사이니지
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[Tech in Marketing] Digital Signage

Digital Signage is convergence technology with Contents + Display + Network + Platform(CDNP). 2018 focasting Korea market: 총3조원시장 중 Display시장 2.09조원 World market: 총 24조원시장 중 Display시장 8.8조원 활용가능분야: 기업/공공, 금융, 교육, 건설, 소매/요식(마트, 카페, 백화점, 의류, 자동차), 물류/운성, 의료, 숙박 등. LG Information Display business English: Korean: LG product – Digital signage: Video wall (47′, […]

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[Tech in Marketing] Digital Signage -Quick Service Restaurant Industry case study

Outdoor Digital Signage Lights Up Quick Service Restaurant Industry source -PUBLISHED BY Ron Gazzola Outdoor digital signage offers many ways to improve the customer experience in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry, far beyond enhancing the way digital displays look in the drive-thru lane. Super-bright, reliable outdoor digital signage displays are replacing static, back-lit posters and menu boards, and it’s the […]

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The Future of Marketing Tech: Digital Signage

Digital Signage market is growing (2016 –>2020: annual growth rate 8.9%) Digital Signage in stores: encouraged customers to spend up to 30% more time browsing. 83% of business owners notice an increase in sales after installation of Digital Signage. * See past Digital Signage project of HENRY SUNG: Samsung Galaxy S