Service Journey

Henry Sung

  •  / Skype live: hyunrok     name: Henry Sung
  • United States: +1-626-722-8963 / South Korea: +82-10-8916-8795
  • founder biography of HENRY SUNG

I prefer to work more Seoul, Korea and Honolulu, HI, U.S.A based project and volunteering services. My projects are currently based in Seoul, Korea and Whenever other areas project has, I will be there for you. Currently virtual based project would acceptable for other areas. 

Usually, I had been staying Full-time @Honolulu during summer. So, off-line meeting based project and Summers school workshops would be perfect for this season, but When there has permanent work chance in Honolulu, absolutely my life will be there.

United States: Honolulu, HI



South Korea: Seoul, Korea